Contact Information

You are welcome to call us at either (912) 436-3736 or toll free at (888) 711-JOYE, or you can email us at We will return your call/email as soon as possible. When you call the office, please use the following extensions: 

Referrals & New Clients: Please dial 0

700: Dr. Shauna Joye

701: Dr. Jessica Brooks

702: Dr. Anna Faircloth

703: Mr. Tommy Cramer

704: Ms. Stephanie Mitchell

705: Ms. Danielle Oehring

706: Dr. Claudia Méndez Rosselló

707: Ms. Jennifer Cramer

708: Ms. Joyce Bongang

709: Mr. Mario Grayes

710: Ms. Haleigh Baker

711: Ms. Ansley Edgar

712: Dr. Ryan Couillou

713: Dr. Courtney Zents

714: Ms. Janice Michaels