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We partner with Excelsior Foundation for Family Wellness, Inc. for our groups, which means tuition is always tax deductible! The most current information on our social skills and parenting support groups can always be found at

SOCIAL SKILLS GROUPS. We currently offer a social skills group for ages 4-6 using a Daniel Tiger curriculum. Please call us at (912) 436-3736 or email if you are interested in enrolling!

We would also like to offer theme-based social skills groups for older children and teens if we have enough interest. Groups will be small, last for 5-8 weeks, and engage children to learn social skills using Legos, magic, comic books, expressive arts, and other fun activities. Let us know if you want to sign up - once we have enough interest, we will start groups. 

PARENTING GROUP. Do you ever wish discipline could be handled quickly and efficiently at home so you can spend more time enjoying your children? Does having to use the dreaded word “no” with your children cause you to feel frustrated, angry, or scared? We regularly offer parenting skills and support group designed to help parents with these concerns. Using the 1-2-3 Magic program, an evidenced-based parenting program developed by Dr. Thomas Phelan, our parenting skills and support group offers a variety of benefits to parents who are struggling with or looking for an effective disciplinary method. Please call us at (912) 436-3736 or email if you are interested in enrolling!


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