We offer personalized, comprehensive assessments in the following areas for children and adults: * Gifted and Talented * Kindergarten Readiness * Learning Disability * Academic Achievement/Grade-Level Readiness * College Academic Readiness * Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) * Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders (as young as 18 months old) * Intellectual Functioning * Mood Disorders * Anxiety Disorders.

For all grade-level assessments, we conduct differential diagnosis and offer written recommendations about school placement and accommodations as well as ways to work with your child or teen at home to maximize his or her success. For college-level assessments, we include in our reports recommendations aimed at maximizing the student's success. As needed, we can also provide IEP/504 Plan support, including attending school meetings.

Assessment Procedure:  Assessments typically consist of an intake appointment, during which we will decide what testing is needed and agree on a price, a testing session, and a feedback session. Depending on your needs, testing can be divided into multiple sessions. 


For children and families: We offer therapy for issues including (but not limited to): * disruptive behavior disorders * academic problems * ADHD * Autism Spectrum Disorder * anxiety, fears, and phobias * noncompliance * tantrums. We also offer groups for children and their parents, including expressive arts, social skills, and parenting/support groups using a 1-2-3 Magic framework ( 

Summer Camps: In mid-July, we will offer theme-based social skills camps for rising 1st through 5th graders. Groups will be small (6-8 children), last for one week, and engage children to learn social skills using Legos, magic, comic books, expressive arts, and other fun activities. Space is limited, so please let us know now if you are interested! 

Social Skills Groups: Like our summer camps, social skills groups focus on learning social skills in a fun and engaging context. Currently, we have a Daniel Tiger group for 4-6 year old children, and we plan on continuing to add more ages as grow. Please sign up for our newsletter - we will announce new groups as they are scheduled! 

For adults: We offer treatment for individuals and couples for a range of presenting issues, including: * depression * anxiety * interpersonal/relationship problems * adjustment issues * transition to college * issues related to self-esteem * gender/sexual identity * trauma. We hope to soon offer meditation groups for adults as well. 

For all services: We use primarily evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy for children and adults, which is problem focused and goal directed. Most issues can be effectively addressed in a short period of time (6 to 12 sessions). Treatment type and duration time will be individualized to meet the needs each patient. 


For therapy: The Care Network/St. Joseph’s/Candler * Memorial Health Partners * CoreSource * Integra * Blue Cross Blue Shield * Ambetter * PHCS * Humana * Allied National * UMR and HealthGram depending on the plan (we can check for you) * United for ages 18 and up only * Aetna & Aetna Signature * WellCare, CareSource, & Peach State for ages 1-20 only * Tricare East/Humana Military * Cigna

For assessments: All the insurances listed above as well as straight (SSI) Medicaid * Amerigroup (under age 5) * United (all ages)

Some insurances are more flexible than others on which providers they will accept to their network, so depending on your coverage we may have to place you on a waitlist until a spot opens for you. 

We are happy to check your insurance for you if you are unsure whether we are in network for your plan. We also offer reasonable up-front rates and provide documentation for patients to submit to their insurance carriers for out-of-network reimbursement.

Services Offered